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Problem Solving Cards K-2
Problem Solving Cards Older Elementary- High School
Oral Aversion Therapy Handout created by Krissy Baker, SLP 

Articles on Echolalia and Gestalt Language Processing

Marge wrote these articles a long time ago, and apologizes that the language included is not the language autistic individuals prefer today. She asks that the reader be aware of the terminology of that bygone era was used, and would not be used now were she to be writing the articles today. Thank you!
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Natural Language Acquisition Handout for Staff & Parents

Finding the Words to Self Regulate by Marge Blanc

Marge Blanc's Finding the Words Article (explaining gestalt language processing and delayed echolalia)

Bringing It Home by Marge Blanc

Examining the Echolalia Literature: Where Do Speech-Language Pathologists Stand?
By Dr. Lillian Stiegler

When Speech Gets Stuck by Marge Blanc

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