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"Social Butterfly has been amazing to work with. They have taught my son social skills, how to understand his emotions, and to think about how others feel. Our SLP's empathy, connection, and willingness to work with my son’s specific needs makes her extra special." ~ Laurel, Parent

"My son has been attending individual and group sessions at Social Butterfly for almost 2 years. In that time, he has made great progress. My son now has a much greater ability to reflect on his own behavior and how his words can impact others, both positively and negatively. He has improved in his conversational skills and in his ability to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings. He’s always happy to attend his sessions, which speaks volumes about the therapists. Alexandria communicates with the SLP at my son’s school to share ideas and ensure continuity with his treatment goals." ~  Sarah, Parent

"Our therapist at Social Butterly provides high-quality and professional services. She genuinely cares about my daughter's progress and always takes extra time to discuss any questions I have. My daughter loves to go and we could not be happier with the services we have received." ~ Amy, Parent

"My son has made amazing speech and social communication progress at Social Butterfly in both group and one-on-one sessions.  My son loves going to his sessions and Alexandria feels like part of our family now!" ~ Kristen, Parent

"Social Butterfly has played such a HUGE part in my son’s social communication journey. Our therapist has a special way of connecting with him and the growth I see in him is amazing. So grateful for this partnership." ~ Amy H., Parent

"Our daughter was challenged with expressing her thoughts and interacting with others at a very young age, typical for children on the autism spectrum.  My wife and I spent years and thousands of dollars trying to find the right therapist; hospitals, developmental psychologist, etc... About four years ago we were lucky enough to find Social Butterfly.  


The mark of any great professional is the results.  Since working with Social Butterfly we have seen our daughter become more comfortable in group settings, expressing her thoughts more clearly and more confident as an individual.   Alexandria and her staff are unequivocally the reason for our daughter’s progression.


I will forever be grateful to Social Butterfly.  I not only thank them for being there for my daughter, but for our family!" ~ Robert, Parent

"We recently had our son re-evaluated by a neuropsychologist.  He wrote, “With his benefits from speech-language therapy the current results suggest a partially remediated language disorder”  Thank you for working with him so well! It helped!" ~ Radhika, Parent

Echolalia had been this big, scary word that was negatively associated with kids on the spectrum. When I finally met a speech therapist that looked at echolalia as a POSITIVE asset to learning, I was thrilled. Alexandria instantly understood my daughter's unique approach to learning language and identified her as a gestalt language processor. After struggling with other SLPs who didn't "get it," I was over the moon to have found someone who cracked the code and even better had a game-plan to move my daughter's language forward.


It's now been two years and I can say that we have seen our daughter become more confident, more social, and more conversational with her family, teachers, therapists, and peers.  ~ Parent

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