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Our approach is family-centered and child-led. We use the child's interests to build communication.  We address play skills, social communication, expressive and receptive language and feeding/eating concerns.  We provide parent coaching and are here to trouble shoot with you, provide you with resources and help with your family dynamics. We treat the whole child.  
Opportunities in our clinic (dependent on individual needs):
  • Occupational therapy co-treats with the OTs we partner with in-house (The Balanced Kid)
  • Involving siblings in sessions
  • Social communication or play groups
  • Parent coaching
  • Multiple sessions a week to address both language and feeding/eating
  • Several different treatment rooms that allow for sensory based, gross motor or table top activities
  • Setting up a weekly daytime therapy program for half-day Kindergarten and Preschool/PreK students that involves any combination of the above therapies
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