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Learn how to work with children who communicate with delayed echolalia (scripting) by understanding how children process language.


Alexandria Zachos, MS, CCC-SLP/L is an experienced speech-language pathologist who frequently gives presentations on Gestalt Language Processing/Delayed Echolalia and Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) to schools, groups of therapists, parent groups and clinics.  She also consults and works with teams of special education staff, therapists, or SLPs to train and educate them on how to work with  children who communicate with delayed echolalia and are gestalt language processors.


Alexandria has presented on this topic to hundreds of speech-language pathologists at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in 2017 in Los Angeles, CA and in Boston, MA in 2018. She has trained SLPs and school staff internationally and locally both virtually and in person. Since 2021 she has trained thousands of parents, professionals and SLPs world-wide through her online course and online business found at

Years ago, Alexandria was introduced to Marge Blanc’s book “Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-generated Language.” This book had a profound impact on guiding her treatment of children who communicate using delayed echolalia. Before pursuing advanced education and training in the NLA framework, Alexandria employed an all too common approach to working with children with echolalia - redirect and ignore it. Today, Alexandria works to educate parents, therapists, and educators so they too can experience the joy in helping a child move toward flexible, original language. Read below to learn more about the presentations currently offered and please contact Social Butterfly with questions or to schedule a training for you or your group. 

(1 HOUR)
  • How children process language

  • How to identify gestalt language processors

  • Introduction to the Natural Language Acquisition framework

  • Videos and examples of children in the different stages 

(2.5-3 HOURS)
  • In-depth introduction to the  NLA framework

  • Introduction to an NLA evaluation and scoring

  • Hands-on training and practice with staff regarding assessment and language samples

  • Development of treatment and/or IEP goals




Alexandria is available to speak at local conferences, in-services, and trainings. She also provides private consultations and parent trainings. Please email for more information. 

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